Welcome to Premium Mattress Outlet



We’re not your typical mattress retailer. Our culture is about you, and your quality of sleep being the best it can possibly be. Night after night. Year after year.

At Premium Mattress Outlet, we would rather lose a sale than have you regret one of the most important purchases of your life. That’s why we don’t push. We don’t advertise big sale discounts or phony cut-rate prices, then try to pressure you into higher-priced models. Instead, we guide and educate. This slow, deliberate approach has won over hundreds of customers who keep on coming back. We recommend that you take your time and try out different beds, wear loose clothing, lie down for 10 minutes or longer, even bring your own pillow, so you relax enough to find what’s most comfortable.

Ultimately our goal is to guide you to the best bed for your sleep, as well as your budget. And we believe that you will find this approach refreshing, especially if you have already found yourself stressed out or tired of high pressure tactics employed by our competitors. We believe in sweet dreams, and sweet deals…and that starts with a sweet shopping experience.